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Why we started

At Girl on Fire Boutique, we learned the hard way that life doesn't always go as planned.  Sometimes it just spirals out of control and we find ourselves knocked down with no clue where to go from here.   Luckily, every day is a chance to bounce back,  start over and "glow up." 

This boutique is dedicated to every girl who found herself lost and needing to start over, who was let down, but bounced back, who was underappreciated yet underestimated.  This is for the girl that came back from the ashes and showed the world she still had "fire in her."


Meet Rachael

Owner & Founder

Rachael started Girl on Fire Boutique 

in 2020 during a particularly tough time in her life. She needed a creative outlet to express herself in a positive manner.  She made a candle and then another.  She gave them to her friends and family who encouraged her to start a business.  Her candles were well received and her journey to start an actual candle boutique began.  

She dedicated this boutique to empowering women and giving them confidence and hope when they feel discouraged and lost. 

"This boutique was inspired by my journey from a toxic divorce to a beautiful new life.  If I can find my fire and bounce back, so can you."


Where we are now

Since starting the boutique, Rachael got married to Brandon.  He has spent hundreds of hours perfecting the candles.   Brandon mixes and pours all candles in small batches in the candle studio.  Rachael handles marketing, social media and wholesale clients.  When they aren't making candles, they enjoy traveling and spending time on the water.

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